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I'm Dr. Anthony Brew, an experienced product and technology professional. I'm passionate about enabling teams to collaborate in developing innovative software products in high-uncertainty domains.

Typically, I have specialised in the specification, development and deployment of systems that leverage machine learning. This has ranged from basic and advanced statistical models (e.g. statistical process control & A/B testing), to predictive systems (e.g. churn prediction and recommender engines) to the latest state of the art in NLP and computer vision (e.g. LLM's and MultiModal classification systems)

But above that I'm a Dad to 5 wonderful kids, and lucky to be the husband of an amazing woman (She puts up with me!).

This website is primarily for my personal use. But you can use it to learn a bit more about who I am, what I have worked on and occasionally I ramble about projects I'm working on or things that I'm reading