These are books that Ive recent read and why and how they have influenced my thinking.

  • The power of habit This is a really nice book that provides some insights into how our brain works and how we “internalise habits”, moving repeated actions from cognisant thought to “automatic thought”. Fascinating observations on how these then go on to manifest themselves at an organisational level and at a societal level.


These are blogs that I currently actively read or find useful

  • John Cutlers Blog John who was behind Amplitudes North Star frame work provides a continuous stream of thought that help shape my view points around mental models for delivery in organisations.
  • Simon Wardleys Blog The author of Wardley Maps who has shared interesting thoughts on the different roles that appear in teams over time (Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners)
  • David Heinemeier Hansson Creator of Ruby on Rails, interesting thoughts around remote work & leadership.
  • Ryan Singer Talks about shaping and scoping work, that enable parallel mission driven delivery. In particular I find the ShapeUp process a strong candidate to balance discovery and shipping inventive and machine learning products because the blocks that are big enough to enable meaningful inventive discovery & deliver, but small enough to enable us to change course.